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This course includes in itself the components of all three PADI Technical Courses – PADI Tec 40, PADI Tec 45 and PADI Tec 50 combined in one PADI Tec Deep.
It was designed for those who are sure in their capabilities to learn all the way up to the level of PADI Tec Deep – that will cost you less and will take less time to complete. But the course will be much more intense.
You will gradually perfect your theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
You will learn:
- Technical slang
- Use your skills and equipment for planning and executing your decompression dives with the computer and special software
- Use one additional EANx stage containing up to 50 % oxygen
- Use your skills and equipment for planning and executing your decompression dives with different time of the depth’ exposition
- Analyse and the discuss possible emergency situations in technical diving and the ways to avoid them.
- Independently calculate your decompression time and how to work with the stage
- Gas management (planning your gas supply) for two different gas mixtures
- Prolonged stay on the depth without decompression time limits
- Rescue procedures in emergencies
- Make decompression dives to the depths of up to 50 m using sew stage tanks
- Independently plan your decompression dives (decompression time, gas management, dive plan) using special software.

Koh Tao price: 47 000 THB
Koh Samui price: by request

Term - 8-9 days
Dives - 12

What’s included?
- Technical equipment rental
- Tea, coffee and snacks on board
- PADI International certificate

Course prerequisites:
- Age – 18
- PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification or equivalent
- PADI Enriched Air Diver or equivalent
- PADI Deep Diver or equivalent
- At least 50 logged dives. Not less than10 dives with Nitrox, not less than 12 dives to the depths greater than 18 m, not less than 6 dives to the depth over 30 m.
- Medical clearance signed by the doctor

The schedule may be altered if you wish.
The approximate schedule of PADI Tec deep course is as follows:
Day 1
Theory of the chapters 1-3: equipment, dive planning and methods of technical dives. Dives 1-3: shallow water dives for to familiarize you with the new equipment and learn some skills different from recreational diving.
Day 2-3
Theory of the chapters 4-5 and your first test – planning of dives and procedures of technical diving.
Dives 4-7. You will be doing deeper dives get familiar with the new procedures of technical diving connected with decompression, will use enriched air (Nitrox) for diving longer without decompression. Max depth is up to 30 m.
Day 4
Dives 8-9. It is your first decompression dive that you will perform on the wreck or on Chumphon Pinnacle.
Day 5
You have no dives on this day finalizing your theoretical material and have your final exam.
Day 6-8
Dives 10-12 will be done prior to certification of the practical part of the course.

Further education.
You may keep on learning technical diving participating in PADI Tec Trimix course.