Technical (tec) diving means going beyond recreational scuba diving limits. From Discover Tec to PADI Tec Insructor courses on Koh Tao and Koh Samui!

Technical diving and courses in Thailand on Koh Tao and Koh Samui.

Recreational diving has a lot of restrictions and we teach our students to obey its rules.
We are limited either by our dive time or our depth.
We are usually limited by only one gas tank. All our dives are planned the way we can any time hit the surface without decompression stops during the ascend. And that adds to our time and depth limitations.
But if you wish to dive deeper and stay at the depth longer you have to get some theoretical knowledge and practical skills to make such dives safely.
Our diving centre offers the programmes of Technical diving that will allow you to become acquainted with it and make your first steps on the way to learn Technical Diving.
This is not for everyone. It demands clear thinking, discipline and psychological stability. It is not the required step in your diving education but a lot of people do Technical courses to have a chance to dive beyond recreational limits.
Our technical diving instructors have a great experience in diving to great depths, deep wrecks and in cave diving.
The Technical Courses are probably the most demanding and intense, but the most interesting at the same time.
You can do the Discover Tec dive with us in full technical equipment or start the full Technical course or continue your education with us.
We recommend that you start your way in technical diving with the programme PADI Discover Tec. It has minimal requirements in the beginning of your learning, has depth limits and all your dives are within no-decompression limits. It will help you to make the decision if you want to keep on studying this discipline.
Participation in this programme may count towards you next course – PADI Tec 40.

CourseTermKoh TaoKoh SamuiBook Tec courses now!
PADI Discover Tec Diving 1 day 3 000 THB 4 500 THB Book now
This introductory Tec programme will let you do two dives using equipment for technical dives. It will give you some knowledge of techniques and procedures used in technical diving.
PADI Tec 40 3 days 16 000 THB by request Book now
If you made a decision to become technical diver you are going to start with this course. It is your first step to the exciting world of technical diving!
PADI Tec 45 3 days 16 000 THB by request Book now
It is your next step. You will dive deeper and stay longer, use different gas mixtures and some additional equipment.
PADI Tec 50 3 days 18 000 THB by request Book now
That will be the final course for becoming recreational Tec diver. You will get more theoretical knowledge and improve your skills, besides you receive additional experience in deep technical dives.
PADI Tec Deep 8-9 days 47 000 THB by request Book now
All three previous courses – PADI Tec 40. PADI Tec 45, PADI Tec 50 in one course! This is for those who are sure in their wish to become highly skilled Tec diver!