The purpose of PADI Specialty Courses is to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning and organization that are necessary to safely conduct various special interest diving activities.

PADI Specialty Courses – it is your opportunity to learn new ways of diving activity and you can choose which ones you like most! Diver’s interests and preferences are different of course. Some like Wreck diving, the others need the improvement in underwater video or photography, third group wants to dive deeper. Some divers are interested in mastering their skills in search and recovery of sunk objects or enjoy the night life of the coral reefs!
We will gladly help you to improve your both theoretical and practical skills in the specialties you are interested most!

CourseTermKoh TaoKoh Samui20% off  Samui price
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PADI Enriched Air Diver 1 or 2 days 6 500 THB 9 500 THB Book now
One of the most popular PADI specialties. Diving with nitrox allows you to extend your no-decompression limits thus giving you more time underwater! Include 2 dives.
PADI Multilevel Diver 1 day 5 900 THB 8 500 THB Book now
Within this course you will learn to plan and make multilevel dives that will let you extend your time under water. You will know how house multilevel give planner and diving computer.
PADI Deep Diver 2  days 7 700 THB 11 600 THB Book now
Extend your depth limits! After the completion of this course you will get the skill and knowledge of how to plan and execute dives up to 40 m deep!-))
PADI Underwater Navigation 1 or 2 days 7 400 THB 11 000 THB Book now
Improve your skills in navigation and bring it to the next level! This course will teach you both practically and theoretically how to use natural and visual orientation and will help you to master your compass skills.
PADI Night Diver 1 day 7 400 THB 12 000 THB Book now
Discover beautiful night life of coral reefs! Unforgettable impressions!
PADI Search and Recovery 2 days 7 700 THB 11 300 THB Book now
Master skills and techniques of the search and surfacing drowned objects. You will receive deeper knowledge of navigation, learn to use lift bags.
PADI Sidemount Diver 2 days 9 800 THB 14 500 THB Book now
Try another way of configuring your equipment. Get more time under water and practice new swimming techniques! Improve your trim and buoyancy.
PADI Wreck Diver 2 days 7 700 THB 12 000 THB Book now
What can be more interesting than the wreck diving? Learn to plan and dive different wrecks!