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Diving and all PADI courses in Koh Samui and Koh Tao islands in Thailand! 
We are teaching all the PADI courses in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. Accommodation included!

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If you really want to improve your skills, to dive deeper, longer and see much more of the amazing sea world – then the course PADI Advanced Open Water Diver is for you!

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver includes 5 specialty dives and two of those dives are mandatory for your certification:
Deep Dive.
This dive will expand your depth limit to 30 m!

Underwater Navigation.
Improve your navigating skills, learn more about compass and how to use visual waymarks for planning your dives more interesting and safe.

You can choose another three dives of the following specialty dives:
AWARE Fish Identification
This course will be useful for those who interested in knowing fish world! You’ll learn to identify them and know about some peculiarities of their habits and behaviour!
Enriched Air (Nitrox)
The dives with the increased amount of oxygen in your gas mixture, i.e. enriched air or Nitrox will let you stay at definite depth longer increasing your no-decompression limits.
Multilevel & Computer
You will learn to plan your dives to increase your no-decompression limit and extend the time of your dives by using a new methods of planning and using your computer.
Night Diving
Open for yourself an amazing and charming world of night diving. You will never forget the impressions of your first night dive!
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Improve your swimming skills with the help of some simple but nevertheless very effective and interesting exercises.
Search and Recovery
Have you lost anything underwater of found something interesting? Learn how to search the objects underwater and recover them with the help of the lift bag.
Underwater Naturalist
Become more knowledgeable of the life of coral reefs!
Wreck Diving
Learn how to make safe and interesting dives to the wrecks. A lot of interesting objects awaits you under water!

Price on Koh Tao - 8 500 THB.
Price on Koh Samui - 13 500 THB.
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Term 2 days. Dives - 5.

What’s included?
- Accommodation.
- Learning materials.
- Equipment rental.
- Tea, coffee and snacks on the board.
- PADI International certificate.

On Koh Samui islands additionally included:
- Transfer to Koh Tao and back by high speed catamaran.

Theory and practice.
You need much less time for your theoretical part of the course in comparison with PADI Open Water Diver – you are certified diver already and know how to dive!
For each of the chosen dives you will be studying the chapter from the textbook PADI Adventures in Diving discuss it with your instructor and you have to complete the knowledge review. Then you have a briefing from your instructor who is ready to share his rich experience with you.

Course prerequisites.
- PADI Open Water Diver/ PADI Junior Open Water Diver or analog
-Age – 15 ( 12 for PADI Junior Adventure Diver certification)
- Medical clearance
Normally the course takes two days. But we can adjust it if you wish. You’ll do three dives one day and two dives the other day.
The classes start at 9:00 with the theoretical part. At 11:00 you are already on the boat to start your dives and finish your diving day at about 17:00. Night dive (if you choose to make one) starts at 18:00 and is over at approximately 20:00.

Further education.
The dive from this course may count towards your PADI specialty course. You can also think of your further education on Emergency First Response or PADI Rescue Diver courses.